Green Early Innovations

The Krebs’ involvement to Green Technologies remotes back to the 1700s.


Arthur Krebs scientist, inventor and pioneer of aeronautics, submarine, automobile mechanics, and fire control technologies was very instrumental to introduce many creations including:

  • 1884 "La France" first electric powered flight dirigible.
  • 1888 First Closed Magnetic Field system of the Telephone.
  • 1888 First Modern electric powered submarine Gymnote
  • 1890 First Electric Periscope
  • 1890 First Electric Gyrocompass
  • 1896 The Castor Angle automobile with electromagnetic gearbox
  • 1889 The non reversible steering
  • 1902 First Automatic Diaphragm carburetor.
  • 1905 The Electric Brake dynmometer
  • 1905 The Electric Dynamometric Brake.
  • 1906 The Progressive Shock Absorber.
  • 1907 The Multi disc Clutch
  • 1907 The liquid flow measurement apparatus.
  • 1911 The first Elastomeric flexible coupling

In 1934, several month before Arthur Krebs' death, the French government awarded him the Badge of Commandeur of the Legion of Honor for his work in Aeronautics and for his contributions to the automotive industry.