Economic Analysis

Construction Art specializes in implementing Green solutions resulting in high impact operational efficiency and increased profitability. We perform energy audits with the goal of incorporating only energy conservation measures (ECMs) that are feasible from an operation and maintenance perspective into the final recommendations.

Data gathering on operating characteristics of the facility, energy system specifications, operating and maintenance procedures, preliminary areas of investigation, unusual operating constraints, and other concerns related to facility operations are discussed with the client and staff prior to commencement.

A list of ECMs is developed for each of the major energy consuming systems (i.e., envelope, lighting, HVAC, power, and process). Major facility modifications requiring detailed economic analysis and minor operation modifications offering simple and/or quick paybacks are identified through the energy audit process.

Models and simulations are produced to measure energy savings generated from potential of ECMs identified. Implementation cost, energy savings and simple payback for each of the ECMs analyzed are calculated.

Due to the number of existing rebates, tax credits and other incentives available for commercial business, we are able to identify great opportunities that make these recommendations economically feasible and in many cases having very short term paybacks and considerable returns.